Utilizing the gifting of exhortation and empowerment, Ed Turose helps leaders and organizations accelerate performance through individual, team and corporate coaching, consulting and training. As a self-motivated doer, he has an outstanding track record of helping maximize individual and organization performance.

Ed Turose is an expert strategist and has over 37 years of business experience as a manager and trainer with both Unilever and The Coca-Cola Company equipping and training individuals to FOCUS to achieve greater results.

Qualifications and Experience

• Focusize™ Focus Coach, Consultant, Trainer and Motivational Speaker to Business Leaders and Their Organizations.
• CEO of Focus Life Institute, LLC, Practical Training for Personal Growth and Development Company.
• Creator of F.A.S.T. (Focused Advanced Skills Training) Online Business Courses, Your Unique Assessment, 40 Days of Focus and additional business courses. • Developer and Creator of the Focus Life Institute, the Career and Workplace Preparation Education Courses for Grades K-12, colleges, universities and reentry programs. • Chief Administrative Officer, Global Impact Mega Corporation (GIMC). •Senior National Account Manager and Trainer for The Coca-Cola Company (27 years) and award winner of National Sales Manager Of The Year and Regional Sales Manager – Unilever (10 years). • Certified Trainer for Disc Behavioral System (1992), Ken Blanchard’s Situational Leadership, Think Inc. Negotiation and Karrass Negotiation. • Adjunct Business Professor – Geneva College, Beaver Falls, PA. • EDTalk Weekly Podcasts and Internet Focus Life TV Show. • President of the Christian Chamber of Commerce of Pennsylvania

Endorsements & Testimonials

“Ed and his materials will shift a generation and produce results in the lives of people by breaking hopelessness. These courses are influencing the influencers in society and will bring a revelation of a person’s future potential. 
— Dr. Mark Kauffman, CEO, Global Impact Mega Corporation.

“When an archer draws back the bowstring, he has to attain “focus”  before releasing the power of the bow, otherwise energy and  opportunity may be wasted. Dr. Ed Turose has provided a tool that  will enable anyone to “hit the mark” by attaining the focus needed  for ultimate achievement in their lives.  All of us have great aspirations for making a difference in our world,  but we often lack the skill and tools to accomplish those dreams. Dr. Turose has given us the winning edge with his coaching, consulting and training. I believe he is destined  to be America’s  #1 Focus Coach.
— Dr. John Polis, President, RFI.

“What clearly sets Ed apart is his ability to get you and your team focused in the area of application and accountability to see greater results in productivity, efficiency and profitability”.
— Kevin Champion, National Account Manager, The Coca-Cola Company.

“Today, young professionals are not able to keep their mind, attention and focus very long but through Ed’s training, many young men and women have quickly seen the results of understanding and perceiving how to get focused and see greater results”.
— Bart Pierce CEO, RCC

“Ed has the ability to teach everyone to focus in their own lenses, not focus on lenses that people do not know”.
— Dr. Clyde Rivers, President, The Golden Rule

“Ed has personally coached me to be “on the business” and not “in the business”. His consulting has implemented the processes that has doubled our business in the past 18 months, adding over 7 figures of new income. In addition, his training courses have equipped my team to overcome distractions and stay focused on the growing aspects of our company’s goals and objects”.
— Lawrence Zehr, CEO, Zehr Building