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  • Personal and Behavioral Development: Learn the people skills to help you understand self and the motivations of others. This course was taught by Ed at The Coca Cola Company and improved communication and collaboration between teams and customers.
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  • Overcoming Work Distractions: According to Udemy’s survey, nearly 3 out of 4 workers (70 percent) admit they feel distracted when they’re on the job, with 16 percent asserting that they’re almost always distracted. The problem is biggest for Millennials and Gen Zers, with 74 percent reporting feeling distracted. Attention spans are now under 8 seconds. This training course is committed to individuals who want to overcome daily distractions and how to create a work/life balance. Businesses are losing millions of dollars annually on workplace distractions.
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  • HEROES Leadership – Values and Character Development: In order to gain leverage in the workplace, these 6 core virtues will catapult you to new levels of fulfillment and success. The acronym for Heroes is H for Honor, E for Excellence, R for Responsibility, O for Order, E for Expectation and S for Servanthood. Imagine the favor, increase and influence that would come to you if you began to incorporate these six powerful principles in your own life.
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  • Essential Soft Skills: According to LinkedIn, employers are demanding individuals to have the soft skills to be effective in the workplace. This course provides you with 6 soft skills needed to gain competence in organizational and relational effectiveness in the workplace. These skills position you for promotion and advancement.
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New Courses Coming Soon!

      • Customer Focused Sales – Includes Social Distancing Sales Strategies
      • Professionalism in the Workplace
      • Insights to Business Success – Innovation, Concepts, Execution, Solutions

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