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You can make a difference by becoming a Certified Focus Coach by impacting this generation in multiple arenas. Whether you are a seasoned coach or want to begin a new career, the Focus Life Development Tools are an exciting addition to your current or new coaching portfolio. Our passion is to change and impact this generation. We have a personalized program that bring hope to the hopeless and helps individuals focus in their own lenses producing greater results. We believe our Focus Life Courses will bring knowledge into your clients lives that will produce personal experiences creating a greater quality of life for them now and in the future! 

The Focus Coach Certification Training Program provides you with the following:

  • Personal access to my 37 plus years of Fortune 100 management expertise.
  • Gain a complete understanding how to help participants get focused and reduce or eliminate distractions in their life.
  • Receive training on the DISC Focus Behavioral Profile and system that will help you unlock the potential of your clients and help them understand the motivations of others. This personalized profile assessment sets us apart from most courses. This assessment is used in the majority of our courses providing an individualized program for all participants. 
  • Receive video and Zoom Training on all our courses which have already been successful in the following spheres of influence: 
    • Business and Organizations – F.A.S.T. Track (Focused Advanced Skills Training Courses) 
    • Government Agencies
    • Education 
      • All K-12 Schools – Includes Social-Emotional Learning Support, Career Readiness, and Transition to Work/School Curriculum.
      •  Development For Training Teachers
      • Colleges and Universities – Retention Coming In and Workplace Preparation Going Out Into the Workplace
      • Churches and Youth Groups
      • Recovery and Reentry Programs
  • Receive a Discount on All Online Development Tools.

As a Focus Coach, you will be able to train and equip your clients in the following areas:

Equip Them To Focus

  • Train individuals how to focus in their life and reduce and eliminate distractions that are affecting their levels of success.
  • Provide personal and behavioral analysis of your client’s overall characteristics, strengths, inspiring traits, value to an organization, ideal environment, and personal development areas.
  • Instruct individuals how to create a lifestyle of focus to see greater results.

Business and Organizations

  • Train individuals in the people skills of personal and behavioral development improve communication and collaboration between teams and customers. 
  • Equip client to overcome workplace distractions to improve productivity and efficiency since distractions are costing companies millions of dollars in lost output affecting profitability.
  • Teach your clients the essential soft skills that employers are demanding to improve the workplace environment.
  • Demonstrate how values and character development of the HEROES Leadership principles can positively affect the organization.  
  • Train organizations in Position Match to hire right the first time and then position people into the best job description producing greater results. 

Educational Development

  • Equip students at all types of schools (public, private, cyber, charter and homeschools) in social emotional support in both behavior and skill development. 
  • Career Readiness for K-12 Schools: All states are incorporating career readiness and we match the student’s behavior with careers in the 16 Career Clusters saving them time and money.
  • Workplace Preparation: Provide students with the skills needed to be prepared to enter the workforce. 
  • Equip students with how to interview to secure their desired job.
  • Provide budgeting and time management skills to prepare students.
  • For college students, help them in the area of retention saving parents thousands of dollars as 80% change their major between 1-3 times at $10,000 per change. Also prepare them for the workplace and for advancement. 

Government Agencies

  • Train and equip individuals in the social service arena helping them get jobs and identify a career.


  • Equip church leaders, teams and youth groups in multiple areas of support.


  • Individual program to help marriages, working with problem children and understanding how to overcome family issues.

Invest In Yourself

  • You will invest only $4,999.00. This highly discounted price provides you with 10 free courses for you to sell worth $3,000.
  • Once certified, we can help you develop a personalized marketing strategy to help you attract new clients, regardless of your prior experience. (this service is an additional cost).

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